ICT Submission on the 2010-11 Policy Address

ICT Submission on the 2010-11 Policy Address   |   對2011-11年度施政報告的ICT解議

The Professional Commons, IT Voice and Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter jointly submitted this policy paper in October 2010 to the Chief Executive for his consideration in the Policy Address.

Here are the topics covered:

I. Facilitating development of ICT industry

  • A. Construction of telecommunications hub
  • B. Giving the go-ahead for release of government-possessed information
  • C. Paving the way to promotion of e-learning
  • D. Promotion of diversified e-payment mechanism
  • E. Grasping the opportunity of 12th Five-Year Plan
  • F. Re-establishment of Technology Bureau and Applied Research Fund

II. Problems concerning information security and privacy protection
III. Establishment of a more valid structure of governance on the Internet, telecommunications and broadcasting

ICT Professionals Forum on Policy Address
The submission parties of this paper like to acknowledge the moderators and panelists of the ICT Professional Forum held on 2 September 2010 for giving precious comments and stimulating thoughts and exchange, and participants who actively contributed ideas that help enrich the content of the paper. This paper does not necessarily reflect the views of the panelists and participants of the forum. The moderators and panelists who took part in this forum are as follows:

  • Mr. Charles Mok, Vice Chairman, The Professional Commons (moderator)
  • Mr. SC Leung, IT Voice (moderator)
  • Mr. Dale Johnstone, Vice-Convenor, ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC27 WG1
  • Mr. Ian Christofis, Professional Information Security Association
  • Mr. Lento Yip, Vice Chairman, HK Internet Service Providers Association
  • Mr. Michael Yung, President, ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter

Photo of the forum is available here.

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