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白石角東改用途, 科技用土地供應5 – 15年真空期


2014年9月5日城規會就「白石角(東部)分區計劃大綱草圖(S/PSK/12)」進行公眾會議。 林逸明(IT Voice) 和 吳永輝(公共專業聯盟副主席及規劃界專業) 和莫乃光議員辦事處在會上,陳述業界和公眾的關注及反對意見,以專業的角度分析反對原因,並援引城規會的[……]

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Letter to Innovation Technology Commission: Concerns of Change of Land Use near HKSTP

IT Voice met representatives of ITC in July, 2014 to express our concern on the lack of land for technology development and the change of use of Pak S[……]

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Concerns on the Change of Use of Land near the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

IT Voice sent letters to both the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB) and the Lands Department (LD) to air our concerns on the recent atte[……]

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IT Voice calls for Your Support: No More Delay – Technology Bureau NOW!IT 呼聲呼籲你的支持: 不容再拖!支持馬上重設科技局

More Delay - Technology Bureau NOW!

The Policy Address will soon be announced yet we still have no word regarding the Technology Bureau that we in the ICT sector have been advocating[……]

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