For all voters

Organization Tel Fax Email
Registration and Electoral Office 28911001 28911180 reoenq@reo.gov.hk


For Individuals

Organization Tel Fax Email
Hong Kong Computer Society 28342228 28343003 hkcs@hkcs.org.hk
Information Technology Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 28309046 25777791 comp@hkie.org.hk
Association for Computing Machinery, Hong Kong Chapter acm-hk@cse.cuhk.hk
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Hong Kong Section, Computer Chapter 27667640

(Chapter Chairman)

Instituteof Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Hong Kong Section, Hong Kong Joint Chapter on Circuits and Systems / Communications 23674747

(Chapter Chairman)

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong 27781611 27781711 admin@theiet.org.hk
British Computer Society (Hong Kong Section) Please refer to http://www.bcs.org.hk
The Hong Kong Association for Computer Education 24066683 82001738 ask@hkace.org.hk
Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics Limited 23006834 admin@hksmi.org
Hong Kong Telemedicine Association 26323337 26376274 hktelemed@cuhk.edu.hk
Information Systems Audit and Control Association (Hong Kong Chapter) Limited 81012801 81012802 info@isaca.org.hk
Internet Professionals Association Limited 27780032 iproa@iproa.org
Professional Information Security Association 81046800 29008338 info@pisa.org.hk
Hong Kong Information Technology Federation Limited 2887 9113 3020 6409 enq@hkitjc.org.hk

Registration and Election Office Hotline: 28911001


  • 2011/06/17 - 9:11 上午 | Permalink

    Would you consider PMI hk chapter as the valid organization. The list above is covering many specialize in IT but missing the group of project managers. Please consider so.

    • IT Voice
      2011/06/19 - 11:33 下午 | Permalink

      Hi Felix,

      We wish that we, the IT sector can decide which organizations would be eligible too, instead it just up to the Secretary For Constitutional And Mainland Affairs, Mr. Stephen Lam Sui-lung (林瑞麟) to decide. That’s why PMI is not in the list.

      IT Voice

      • Tony Lai
        2011/07/12 - 4:04 下午 | Permalink

        Mr. Stephen Lam Sui-lung is responsible for this affair. But that is not totally his decision.

        Be objective. I understand you guys hate Mr. Stephen Lam Sui-lung very much. But please don’t redirect all pointers to him.

        You should ask why PMI is considered a part of the IT sector.