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About IT Voice

IT Voice is a group ofof the pan-democratic camp members in the Election Committee for Chief Executive election who represent the voices for democracy and professionalism of the IT industry. committed to fight for “a Chief Executive election in 2017 that should have no pre-screening and the abolishment of functional constituencies in the Legislative Council."

We are committed to promoting information technology and at the same time concerned about the long-term balanced development of Hong Kong soicety, aims to use Information Technology and Core Values, to construct the future of Hong Kong. IT Voices supports genuine universal suffrage, protecting autonmous and free Internet, promote transparent participation, tackling information security governance crisis and strengthen IT development and IT professional status.


成員 / Members 

Dr. Robin Bradbeer 羅彬博士
Ben Cheng 鄭斌彬
Edmon Chung 鍾宏安
Francis Fong 方保僑
Erwin Huang 黃岳永
William Kwan 關德華
Simon Kwong 鄺錦華
Ken Lam 林逸明
Roger Leung 梁浩賢
SC Leung 梁兆昌
Rick Mak 麥志力
Charles Mok 莫乃光
Prof. Joseph Ng 吳其彦教授
Chung-Kai Sin, JP SBS 單仲偕
Chester Soong 宋德嘉
Stephen Tang 鄧永安
Kim Fung Tsang 曾劍鋒
Chi Ying Tsui 崔志英
Dr. Joe Yau 邱祖淇博士
LF Yeung 楊林發
Lento Yip 葉旭暉
Sang Young 楊和生